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Debora Cardaci, Bibiana Vidal Curel and Alison Taylor

Three artists and a pack of dogs and a clowder of cats. Debora Cardaci, Bibiana Vidal Curell and Alison Taylor do a little dog/cat whispering with paint. Opening on Oct. 5th, it takes a look at the intertwined lives of humans and dogs, and a few cats, presented in three varied styles of the artists.

Dogs and cats have been a part of human existance  since the first dog stole a scrap from an ancient human camp and from then on they have lived with us, hunted with us, protected us, entertained us, humoured us and made our lives livable.

This upcoming show is an acknowledgement of the vital connection that has enriched our lives.

Earlier Event: September 29
Later Event: November 2
Michele Campbell