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Michele Campbell

“ Hidden Inspirations “

Artist’s Statement

 For many years, I had been admiring a painting on the wall at my brother- and-sister-in-law’s home. I did not know the Artist’s name, as there was no signature to be found, but I knew I loved this particular painting. A few years ago, my teacher and mentor, Milos Milidrag, mentioned that my artistic style reminded him of a German painter named Franz Marc. Unfamiliar with this artist, I proceeded to research him. While looking at paintings of his, I stumbled across the very same piece I had been admiring all those years. In delving further, it became apparent that he and I had more in common than artistic style; we shared a strong affinity for animals and art. Franz Marc has been an inspiration to me for many years, despite having only recently learned about his work.

 This show is dedicated to an artist who has long passed, yet remains alive in spirit and influence.

-Michele Campbell

Later Event: February 1
Ray Renooy