18) BIG ORANGE TRUCK_ 2019(24x36.acrylic.on.canvas).jpg

Big Orange Truck

By Ray Renooy


Ray Renooy (aka: ‘Coz’) grew up in small town Manitoba. He discovered his love for drawing early in life as a result of influences borne of rural charm. Born in Winnipeg, he returned to the city to live and work for most of his life. His love for typography and illustration earned him admission into the Advertising Art program at Red River College in 1974. Following thereafter, he apprenticed in the fine art of sign-writing and gilding with the Belle Sign Co. (Marshall-Goltz Sign Co.) in Winnipeg. His passion and efforts gained him notoriety in trade publications for Sign Craft, Signs of the Times, Letterheads Magazine, and 3 Seconds as well as a contributing artist to The American Sign Museum in Cincinnati. ‘Coz’ - as he was known during his 35 years of operating Cosmic Rays Design - provided graphic arts services including 3D fabrication for commercial and private accounts…culminating in an inspiring, challenging, and fulfilling career. He has worked extensively within the home/school educational market as designer and illustrator for Premier School Agendas, the Franklin-Covey Foundation, and School Specialty. Throughout his career, Coz has instructed workshops and supported aspiring artists in a variety of fields. His dedication to craft and family comes as a result of his love of life and appreciation for all aspects of design…natural and man-made. As a young man he was fortunate to travel throughout Europe experiencing culture, galleries, and museums. The experience would shape his life, further adding to his growing appreciation of impressionism, along with the influential work at home by the Group of Seven and notable North American contemporaries. Because of these profound influences, his management of colour, composition and texture remain foundation to his paintings. His work in paintings, as well as portraits, personifies his belief that a memorable image combines both the strength of identity as well as mood to portray effect and maximize drama. In recent years Coz has made his home on Vancouver Island. His return to Winnipeg has allowed him to reconnect with friends and family, and to expand his continuing career in the fine arts. His work has sold across Canada through to Vancouver Island, the US, and Australia.