Jason Poturica’s website

Unsatisfied with the opinion that photography is primarily a reflection of only visual perception, photographer Jason Poturica seeks to make his artistic practice a new kind of analytical discipline. In his hands, the camera takes on the role of communicator where his artistic sensations are registered, blurring the lines between impressionism and modern visual art. In his newest collection Journeys, Poturica embarks on his own artistic approach with stunning results.

Journeys is a photographic fine art series which follows the whimsical narrative of a man who resides within a world of words. With dedication to articulating the inner spirituality of man and nature Poturica’s miniature landscapes have led to a fusion of style and content that results in dramatic, imaginative, rhythmic, and emotional works that convey far more than the mere appearance of his subject.

For Poturica, the act of toning the photograph is an investigation—the investigation of the how the dialogue of color and it’s harmonization plays on our emotions, the visual hues echoing throughout the individual pieces. It is in the daring use of colour that Poturica creates not only a conversation between people, but a conversation between objects, colors, and the landscape beyond. Between bursts of light and their attendant hues, between those who are present and those who are absent, the photographs tell a story of a grand adventure.

Ultimately, Poturica regards colour, set design, and form as constituting one and the same thing. They are inseparable aspects for guiding the human experience through his artwork. These formal considerations set him apart from the conceptual art of his contemporaries. With the introduction ofJourneys, Poturica has offered a truly unique experience in the realm of photography and modern visual story telling.