Kevin Fawley

Kevin Fawley is interested in post-apocalyptic design and a narrative about survival; particularly in our ability to reconstruct, but also architecture's role within the city and how deejaying can influence the design process.
Using archival photographs as his samples, Fawley remixes and subverts historical Winnipeg into a bizarre film noir narrative about the city’s relationship with the streetcar. He mixes the past and present to create a new paradigm; rediscovering lost technologies that were haplessly discarded in the name of progress. Each drawing is composed of charcoal, graphite, acetone transfers and hand cut Xerox prints: portraying a black-and-white anachronistic future.

Ranging from the canonical to the arcane and ridiculous, Fawley focuses serious attention to the importance of public transportation and infrastructure. His drawings are sooty and dirty; exposing our relationship with the non-renewable they remind us that urban ecosystems are complex environmental, social, economic, cultural and political environments.

The Remix City is a cautionary tale examining urban renewal and the role that architecture plays within the city. An architectural proposition cannot attempt to address environmental deficiencies without also addressing social conditions. The impact of a single building is negligible. Any theory of design and ecology must acknowledge that the essential point of sustainability is not the individual building but urbanism.