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"Rover... and other Random Thoughts" New Works by Jane Gateson

Opening Friday, November 1st, 6-9 PM

To observe an animal is like stepping into another world. Animals are mystical, wise and usually beyond our human understanding.

And then there is ‘Rover’, that domesticated wild animal that lives with us, that we intuitively know teaches us more about honesty, faithfulness and silliness than any human friend we have ever had.

Jane has studios on the Assiniboine River (Winnipeg, Manitoba) and also on Lake Winnipeg (Victoria Beach, Manitoba). Her art is large and small, and as eclectic as the media she uses.....oil & cold wax, acrylics, resists & collage done on paper, canvas, or wood panels.

In 2016-17 she began a project called "Daily Diaries". She painted 4 small works each day of what she saw, heard and felt by the water and land near her studio. The powerful water, calm and turbulent, freezing and melting, is a great teacher about the seasons of life, death and renewal. Animals, insects, birds and plants have things to say, alive on the earth as we are, but in their own world, mysterious and intriguing.

In the fall of 2018, she began the "Daily Diaries" for a second time, completing 6 small repetitive works each day she is in the studio. And each day the land and the animals near the water bring something new to the diary. In 2021, these works will be shown at the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery in Winnipeg, MB. and the Gallery in the Park in Altona, MB.

"Rover and Other Random Thoughts" is a second body of work she is completing. It's a silly and serious exploration of the "wild animal" who lives in our home, the beloved and mystifying creature we give human attributes to, and yet know we never fully understand.
"Rover and Other Random Thoughts" will be shown at Warehouse Artworks in Winnipeg, MB. Opening is First Friday, Nov. 1, 2019. The show continues until November 15th.

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