Mini davis

My first and favourite choice of discipline would have to be drawing, since I was a little boy, the prospect of creating a title page, posters, cards, drawings etc. has remained a paramount means to expressing myself.  

Over the years I have maintained an exploration of mediums and materials and a range of themes such as cars, pop culture, landscapes, people and music. This may fall into the context of applying irony and duality in whatever it may be that I'm trying to say. Most of my images created are either invented or interpretations of other artists work, for some time, I was greatly impressed with the American artists Basquit, Herring, R Kitja, Larry Rivers. Lately, it has been artists from the old world, I suppose because of the remarkable skill and ability they disciplined from nothing impresses me more than good drawing and draftsmanship.

I feel as an artist, it is important for myself to maintain this capacity of which I developed from formal training in Fine Arts, after that, producing loose and expressive works on paper is my trade-off, or reward, it simply becomes an exercise in fun and imagination.