candace propp

Candace Propp’s website

Candace is a mixed-media artist. Her early works of oil paintings and drawings soon evolved to include over-lays and bas-reliefs of hand-made papers producing rich textures and intricate plays of light.

Today, Candace employs a variety of mediums and methods in her quest to achieve intriguing visual effects. Mostly inspired by nature - trees, snowscapes, sand patterns, fossils, roots and rocks - she detours every so often to capture the human form in social commentary or to simply incorporate it into her nature images. Lately, Candace is incorporating image transfer into her oil, acrylic or encaustic pieces to create a slight surreal effect. What might appear as a simple painting of a tree on second look can reveal social, spiritual or even humorous messages within.

Candace studied Fine Arts at the University of Manitoba, graduating with an Honours Degree. She furthered her education with an Education Degree and Post Baccalaureate, and taught in the public school system for many years while working on her career as an artist. Having recently retired from the education system, Candace is keeping busy teaching yoga, co-authoring a series of yoga e-books, and, of course, creating art.